Does Honey Ruin Intermittent Fasting

Does Honey Ruin Intermittent Fasting?

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Does Honey Ruin Intermittent Fasting

One commonality exists between all intermittent fasters – we’re always looking for a loophole. After all, intermittent fasting is a loophole for weight loss in itself. Drinking water as your only substance for hours every day can get quite repetitive, and even though there is that window of eating, our bodies will always be looking for a bit of flavor or substance.

Whether it’s a splash of creamer in your coffee or a spoon of honey in your tea, we’re always looking for that little way to cheat the system for some flavor. But what do these additives do to our fast? Does honey ruin intermittent fasting, or is it the ultimate workaround to get some sugar into your intermittent fasting diet?

Let’s take a look at what effect honey can have on your body and how it plays into intermittent fasting. How does everyone’s favorite sugary sweetener affect your intermittent fasting?

How Sugars Play With Intermittent Fasting

Sugar has a massive effect on your body’s insulin production. When you’re low on blood sugar, your body isn’t producing enough insulin. This is an issue that the diabetic body has to deal with in excess – too little insulin production can harm the body. To combat this health risk, we eat foods with good sugars in them to stir up the process and wake our system up.

Sugar is one of the most effective substances at waking up your insulin production. So sugar is good for the body, right? Sugar, in small amounts, is certainly great for your system. However, insulin production is the body’s way of breaking a fast. Once your body starts producing insulin, the fasting state is over and your body returns to its normal functions.

Does Honey Trigger the Break in Fasting?

Most certainly, even a small amount of honey will cause your body to break out of the fasting state as the sugary contents will cause an insulin response. While honey might be a fantastic addition of flavor to your favorite teas, it’s not something that you should have during your intermittent fasting period. It can be tempting to add honey to the tea to flavor it, but you’re risking your fast.

The sugars aren’t the only thing that causes honey to break fast. Natural honey is pretty high in calories which can also break your fast. If your body processes a certain amount of calories, it passes the fasting threshold and breaks out of the state. Even honey that uses artificial sweeteners will trigger insulin production causing your body to break out of the fasting state.

Easing Into Eating

Once your window of eating opens back up, however, honey is an amazing food to transition from fasting with. It provides sugars to wake up insulin production and calories to get your system working again. All while being a gentle substance that keeps your stomach safe and prevents bloating and cramps. Honey is the perfect way to start your eating day.

The transitional period is one of the most important parts of intermittent fasting. If you jump right into it with spicy foods or a hefty meal, you could experience stomach cramps, bloating, and trouble digesting. Easing your way into eating is just as important as the intermittent fasting period.

While you shouldn’t have any honey during the fasting period, it is recommended to be had as a way to start your eating window. Honey is high in sugars and calories which can easily break your fast, but gentle enough to ease your body back into eating. If you’re looking for a way to sweeten your tea while intermittent fasting, honey should not be your sweetener of choice.

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