Best Intermittent Fasting Books of 2023

Best Intermittent Fasting Books

Intermittent Fasting is the new big thing in the health and fitness world. Where Keto and Paleo were the fad diets of yesterday, today they have been replaced by cyclic eating and intermittent fasting. And for good reason - intermittent fasting is a much safer, reliable, and sustainable way to lose weight than any other diet plan out there.

But following this weight loss method can be tricky. There are a lot of rules and regulations, and you need to strongly adhere to the timings when you are allowed to eat if you want to see quick results that last long. And so, it is hard for a beginner to stick to this pattern without any proper guidance.

Fortunately, there are lots of resources out there to provide this guidance. Here is a brief list of all the best intermittent fasting books that have real facts and step-by-step guides.

Our top 3 Intermittent Fasting Books of March 2023

Complete Guide to Fasting Book Review

Ranks #1 out of 11 fasting books

Book Rating: 5/5

Longevity Diet Book Review

Ranks #2 out of 11 fasting books

Book Rating: 5/5

Fast Diet Book Review

Ranks #3 out of 11 fasting books

Book Rating: 5/5


10 Best Intermittent Fasting Books Reviewed

Ranks #1 out of 11 fasting books

Book rating

Complete Guide to Fasting Book Review

The Complete Guide to Fasting is a fantastic publication that discourages the quick but unhealthy method of weight loss. Instead, it emphasizes on the importance of slow and steady methods that have proven results and do not compromise on the health of the individual. In addition to being a guide for those wishing to lose weight, The Complete Guide to Fasting is also a great handbook for anyone suffering from diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and other related health conditions.

Written by a veteran health podcaster and a healthcare provider, this book is based on scientifically proven facts instead of myths and false beliefs. Hence, by following the method detailed herein, the results are guaranteed - given that you are consistent and true to it.


  • An all encompassing guide to intermittent fasting.
  • Available on Kindle, as a paperback, and as an Audiobook.
  • Details a healthy way to lose weight fast.
  • Written by a neurologist and a veteran health podcaster.
  • Easy to follow.


  • Can be a long and dull read if you are not interested in the subject.
  • Does not explain water fasts very well.
  • Focuses more on Keto and Paleo diets.

Ranks #2 out of 11 fasting books

Book rating

Longevity Diet Book Review

The Longevity Diet is an elaborate manual on eating right to help you live healthier for longer. It is fantastic for those who are at risk for developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzeihemer’s, or even cancer. Based on scientific principles, The Longevity Diet details ways that you can decrease your risk of health problems by being conscious about what you eat.

This book not only explains what you should be eating and why, but also has several delicious healthy recipes to keep you motivated to eat healthy. The book is written by a doctor, so you can rest assured that your health will never be at risk when following this lifelong diet plan.


  • Talks about ways to enhance your life expectancy through diet.
  • Details methods to help keep dangerous and chronic diseases at bay.
  • Helpful in shedding those extra pounds and maintaining a healthy BMI.
  • Contains 30 easy, delicious recipe to motivate you to eat healthy.
  • Does not compromise the health of the reader.


  • Emphasizes on disease control rather than weight loss.
  • Follows a plant and fish based diet plan.
  • Not suitable for those who give in to their cravings easily.

Ranks #3 out of 11 fasting books

Book rating

Fast Diet Book Review

The Fast Diet - Revised and Updated is a complete guide on intermittent fasting. From advantages and disadvantages of following the diet to the correct way to adopt the weight loss method, this book has everything you need to know about the subject. Unlike many other publications out there that describe intermittent fasting as a complex diet that is difficult to follow, The Fast Diet breaks it down into chunks that are easily understandable for beginners.

The best part about this book is that it is based on the latest research and in line with the recent advancements made in the science of nutrition. This revised and updated edition debunks all the myths that are so popular with dieting, and helps you lose weight in the light of actual facts.


  • Contains delicious yet healthy recipes to make intermittent fasting more fun and easy.
  • Includes science-backed tips and tricks to getting your desired results faster.
  • Allows regular diet five out of seven days in a week, so your cravings are satisfied.
  • Decreases the risk of developing serious health conditions in the future due to unhealthy eating habits.


  • Being 256 pages, this can be a long read for people looking for a quick solution.
  • Does not discuss weight loss methods other than intermittent fasting.

Eat Stop Eat Book Review

Book rating

Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon will tell you all you need to know about the advantages of intermittent fasting. If you are still on the fence about adopting this lifestyle, Eat Stop Eat might just be what you need to make that leap. By talking about the potential results of this diet, it prevents any unrealistic expectations you might have from intermittent fasting.
You can only get the most benefits out of something once you truly understand it. Eat Stop Eat explains the science behind intermittent fasting, and tells the reader how the diet works to make you lose weight and become healthier.

Intuitive Fasting Book Review

Book rating

Written by a practicing medical expert, Intuitive Fasting takes a holistic approach to health and fitness. Dr Cole has put great effort into designing a week by week diet plan that gets you to your desired weight without compromising your overall health. Following this method, you can achieve your ideal body type within four weeks.

Instead of putting you on an extremely restrictive diet that fails to fulfill the energy requirements of your body, Intuitive Fasting adopts a different strategy. It encourages you to tap into your body’s instinctive eating patterns, which allow it to function at its best while also avoiding those extra calories that add up.

This approach to intuitive and mindful eating is based on scientific studies, so chances of failure are extremely low when you are following the directions properly. In addition to that, the endorsements from many celebrities and health enthusiasts gives the reader great confidence in this method.

Complete Intermittent Fasting Book Review

Book rating

Complete Intermittent Fasting has all the essential information you need to get started on cyclic eating and then stick to it. With tips and tricks that help you stay consistent to the intermittent fasting lifestyle, this book by Jean Lamantia stands out amongst all the other books on the subject. The tried and tested methods explained in this book guarantee you the results you are looking for in a fraction of the time and effort it would take to get to that point otherwise.

The book also contains plenty of enticing recipes that are both delicious and healthy. With so many easy-to-prepare food ideas, you are even less likely to abandon your diet midway.

Under the guidelines detailed in Complete Intermittent Fasting, you will be able to customize your own fasting and feeding cycle. Therefore, this book allows you to adopt the famous intermittent fasting lifestyle in a way that best aligns with your personal requirements.

Fast Feast Repeat Book Review

Book rating

Whether you are new to intermittent fasting or have been following this lifestyle for years, reading Fast Feast Repeat will add more to your knowledge about the subject. Fast Feast Repeat details extensive ready-made diet plans that can be followed by beginners to achieve guaranteed results. You can adopt these meal plans as is or make a few changes for them to be better suited to your needs and schedule.

Similarly, those with significant experience in following this lifestyle will have a lot to learn from this book too. You will find unique tips and tricks to the method that you have never heard of before, and you can rest assured that they will work.

Intermittent Fasting Diet Guide and Cookbook Book Review

Book rating

One of the best things about the Intermittent Fasting Diet Guide and Cookbook is how it combines nutrition advice and fun, healthy recipes in one book. This is an ingenious way to keep readers consistent with their diets and make getting healthier an exciting journey. In addition to the recipes, it also details four different meal plans to help beginners grasp the idea of intermittent fasting.

Intermittent Fasting Diet Guide and Cookbook answers pressing questions one might have about intermittent fasting in a detailed way, explaining the dos and don'ts of the diet. It addresses various hormone and health-related concerns and is a solution to many problems in addition to helping you shed that extra weight.

Vegan Intermittent Fasting Book Review

Book rating

If you are a vegan interested in cyclic eating, Vegan Intermittent Fasting is the one book you need to get. This book not only gives you a detailed meal-plan to follow, but also has a complete guide to vegan intermittent fasting for the first 14 days of your journey. This enables you to get accustomed to the lifestyle enough to make your own innovations in it that best suit your individual needs.

Vegan Intermittent Fasting is an amazing resource to get you started on the unique lifestyle. To make the journey easy, it has a comprehensive shopping list that tells you exactly what you will need to buy for your kitchen. The book also has various guided exercises that build endurance, power, muscle control, and flexibility while on this diet.

Keto Intermittent Fasting Book Review

Book rating

Keto Intermittent Fasting talks of an ingenious way to combine two effective nutritional programs to accentuate the results. On this unique diet, you tend to lose weight faster while still maintaining your energy levels.

There are rarely any books out there that detail the two popular weight loss methods, quite like Keto Intermittent Fasting. By talking about the science behind these two methods, the book ensures that you understand why and how they work. This, in turn, results in a greater understanding of the dos and don’ts of keto intermittent fasting.

In addition to an explanation of the method and plenty of tips and tricks to help you navigate it, Keto Intermittent Fasting also has tons of healthy keto-friendly recipes specially curated for those following this method.


It is important to understand that each of these best intermittent fasting books are written for a different group of people who require something unique from this diet. Some people may want to lose weight, while others only desire to maintain their current weight. Others, still, may just be looking to switch up their eating habits for healthier ones. For this reason, you will not find the same results with each of them.

If you are looking for the best intermittent fasting books, you need to first consider what you are looking for. Do you need the eating pattern explained to you in full? Or do you need something that will motivate you to stick to the diet? Maybe you are still on the fence about intermittent fasting, and need a book to explain all the pros and cons to it. Whatever your questions and requirements are, you need to list them down.

Next, read up reviews of the best intermittent fasting books that people leave online. Try to figure out which of the publications will best answer your questions. And when you have done that, you will be able to decide which book you should purchase.

Best Intermittent Fasting Books Summary


✔️What is the best intermittent fasting book?

The best intermittent fasting book is the one that best answers all your questions and gives you all the guidance you need. The book that suits your personal needs is the one that you should invest in.

✔️How do you determine the best intermittent fasting book?

Because all the various intermittent fasting books available out there have a specific thing they excel in, you need to first recognize which aspect of intermittent fasting you need the most help with. This could be an explanation of the entire method, consistency, comparing advantages and disadvantages, tips to maintain your current weight, or anything else. With this in mind, you can then begin to scour through all the best intermittent fasting books until you find the right one for yourself.

✔️Are there any best intermittent fasting books that are free?

The best things in life are never free. You always need to make an investment to reap its rewards. Hence, while there are many small guides on intermittent fasting available online for free, we will recommend you to not waste your time with them. Instead, purchase the best intermittent fasting book with proven results and save both time and effort.

✔️What is the most popular intermittent fasting book?

All the best intermittent fasting books we discussed above are known for different reasons. With a unique audience of their own, each of these books are best-selling in their own aspect. Hence, there cannot be one book that is more popular than all the rest.

Our #1 Recommendation:

The Complete Guide to Fasting

It's easily one of the best intermittent fasting book for anyone!

Complete Guide to Fasting Book Review
Complete Guide to Fasting Book Review

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