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FastingApps is your one-stop-shop for everything fasting. For years, our founder, Andrew Brewer, has been a member of the fasting community. He is a passionate intermittent faster who has the experience of getting starting and sticking with the process.

Our team at FastingApps has seen everything the fasting community has to offer. From exclusive apps and programs to health gurus and influencers, we've seen it all. While there are certainly some fantastic apps out there to help new fasters become part of the community and experience the benefits of fasting, there are many more apps designed to take your money.

Here at FastingApps, it is our goal to help you weed through the many different fasting apps and programs so that your fasting adventure can start on the right foot.

Meet Our TEAM

Andrew Brewer - Intermittent Fasting Expert

Founder & Author

Andrew Brewer is an intermittent fasting expert. He has been an doing it for over six years and now he wants to share his experience with everyone else.

Harshi Dhingra, MD

Medical Reviewer

Dr. Harshi Dhingra is a licensed medical doctor with a specialization in Pathology. She is currently employed as faculty in a medical school with a tertiary care hospital and research center in India.

Kimberly Langdon, MD


Dr. Kimberly Langdon is a retired, board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist with 19-years of clinical experience. She graduated from The Ohio State University College of Medicine. 

Melissa Mitri, MS, RD

Medical Reviewer

Melissa Mitri is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist and Expert Health Writer with over 14 years of experience in the health and wellness industry.



Dr. Kinjal Kanani Shah - Experienced consulting Homeopath. Practicing since 5 years. She has done masters in Homeopathy.

Martynas Baniulis

Marketing Manager

Martynas Baniulis is highly experienced digital marketer who is also very passionate about intermittent fasting. 

What We Do

FastingApps is a website dedicated to browsing the internet for the best fasting apps and programs available. We take a look at every fasting app available online and offer a thorough and honest review of their services. We get deep into the details of the app to see whether or not it's worth your time. Every one of our reviews follows the same review process to ensure that each app is measured by the same standards.

Our reviews are designed for the consumer at every experience level. Whether you're a brand-new faster looking for some guidance getting started or someone trying out your fifth method in hopes of finding success, we cater our reviews towards your needs. Our reviews touch on the necessities of a fasting app as well as the gritty details of a pro plan.

Our team has gathered a deep understanding of the fasting app world throughout our years reviewing apps. We know what makes an app reliable and what is simply a cash grab. If you find an app that you think will work with you, check it against our list to find out whether or not it's the perfect program for your fasting journey.

We hold nothing back in our reviews so that you're not left wanting. Don't get lost in the many paid-for advertisements online that disguise themselves as review pages. Stick with FastingApps and get the honest word every time.

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