Review Process

For us to complete a review, we have to ensure that every detail of the app was checked and tested. We want to ensure that only the truth is portrayed on our pages and that every fasting app we encounter is tried by the same jury. To keep the process fair and full, we employ a certain process every time we review the app.

This step-by-step process ensures that readers receive the full story behind each app while keeping a sense of continuity between each review. We don’t want to touch on a detail that bugged us with one app and then completely gloss over it with a different app. Here are the five steps we take to ensure that each review is the same and that each app is properly covered.

Step 1: We check their app

Our review starts with the app itself. We check out their services and determine what level of features are available for free. We start with the free version of the app and find out what we can about them from that. Once we've tested and marked down all of the information we can gather from the free app, we buy the full version to get access to the full version for review. Our goal is to touch on every detail that we can while enduring this review process so that the reader can know exactly what they're getting into with the program.

Step 2: We Check Their Prices

Nobody likes to overpay. By evaluating their app prices we can get a sense of how much value should we expect from it.

Step 3: We Check Their Cross Reference Reviews

Once we finish up reviewing everything we can, we check out reviews from other sources. Sometimes what we found to be exciting, others found to have flaws. We want to ensure that we compile the whole story into one place. Our goal of checking other reviews is to see if there was something we missed in our time reviewing. If we notice that a different review touches on a topic we didn't, we'll go back and test out the topic first-hand so that we can offer you our take on the product.

Step 4: we Test Their Customer Service

With an app or a program, something is bound to go wrong. When this happens, it's important to know that you have someone to talk to, so having a dedicated and responsive customer service is a must. We check out their customer service to ensure that you'll be taken care of when using the app. Customer service might be one of the most important features of any apps, so we review them to ensure quality and responsiveness.

Step 5: We test How Simple Was the Process?

In the end, we want to know how easy it was to use. An app can be effective and beneficial, but if it's too complex, chances are you won't want to stick with it. You might find yourself struggling to gain the real benefits of a program if it's too complex. Simplicity is key and is one of the major topics we touch on.

Andrew Brewer - Intermittent Fasting Expert

Written By Andrew Brewer

Andrew Brewer started FastingApps to give people the guidance that he never received when he was first starting. His goal is to make your goals achievable and to offer you only the best fasting apps that the internet has to offer. You're not on your own - Andrew and the entire family of reviewers at FastingApps are here with you every step of the way!

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