DoFasting vs Noom: Which App is Better?

DoFasting vs Noom

We always wish we could lose a few more pounds, and intermittent fasting can help you reach your weight loss goals. Instead of restricting what you eat, it focuses on when you eat. It can be challenging to tackle intermittent fasting, especially if you don’t have a support system. That’s why apps are so important.

Benefits of DoFasting

DoFasting guide you on your intermittent fasting journey, educating you as you track your calories and fasting windows. It is easy to use, with many resources you can reference to learn more and personalize your intermittent fasting journey. The fun challenges keep you motivated, turning your fasting into a game you have to win. The library teaches you the positive impacts of intermittent fasting on your body. 

DoFasting App Functionality


DoFasting makes sticking with fasting easier than any other app.

DoFasting App Review
DoFasting App Review

Benefits of Noom

Noom isn’t an intermittent fasting app, but it has a lot of the same tracking activities. Track your food intake, hitting categories, and calorie goals. Green foods are good, and you don’t have to limit your intake, while yellow and red foods count against your goals. It’s highly personalized.


RANKS #1 OUT OF 40 Weight Loss APPS

Noom is different than other weight loss apps - and that’s a good thing! If you take the app seriously, you will see results. Even after the program, you will carry the lessons with you, which is what makes it so effective. 

Noom App
Noom App

What are the Differences?

These apps have pros and cons to help you pick the right plan.


DoFasting comes in three tiers: three months ($39), six months ($52), and yearly ($67). If you can afford it, it’s worth purchasing the annual subscription for the best results. Noom asks you questions to understand your goals and determine how long it will take you to achieve them, offering pricing based on that. Their pricing is less transparent than other apps.

Key Features

DoFasting is a great, well-rounded app that will walk you through your weight-loss journey, gently holding your hand. Take a short quiz to personalize your plan to meet your needs and peruse the myriad of resources to learn more about how intermittent fasting changes your life. Challenge your friends to push forward week to week and explore the motivational tips when you feel like giving up. It’s worth exploring if you’re looking for a robust fasting app.

Noon's main purpose is to lose weight in traditional ways but can also complement intermitting fasting plans, helping you eat right during your eating windows. Unlike other apps, it will not include visual trackers concerning your fasting windows. Instead, it will focus on what you eat, limiting your calories per day. When you do physical activity, you can earn your calories back. Noom tries to teach you about the psychology behind food, including why you eat the way you do. Noom is expensive, but it’s very effective. It’s worth checking out if you don’t mind using multiple apps to guide your intermittent fasting.

How to Choose?

Both apps have education at their core, and while Noom isn’t a regular intermittent fasting app, you get many of the same benefits when you go through their curriculum. Choose the best app based on features, needs, and prices. There’s no bad choice between DoFasting and Noom.

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