Negative Side of Intermittent Fasting Apps

Written by Andrew Brewer. ⚕️Reviewed and fact checked by our medical team.

Negative side of intermittent fasting apps

Intermittent fasting apps are a great way to build a community, keeping yourself accountable on your journey. They have educational resources, recipes, expert support, and so much more. They can be great tools, but if you’re on the fence about intermittent fasting apps, here are some of the negative sides.

Cost Investment

There are free intermittent fasting apps available, but all the best features are often locked behind a paywall. Some apps range from a one-time purchase to a subscription that you can renew on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. These rates can range from $2.99 to $99.99 or more, depending on the app. This can be cost-prohibitive for some, especially those on a tight budget.

If that sounds like you, that’s okay! The free apps can work in a pinch. Maybe you locate free resources online to help keep you on track. Intermittent fasting itself is free. You don’t need to invest in anything to take part in it. It’s not like a gym membership; however, the paid resources provide you with customized and personalized support that can make or break your intermittent fasting journey, especially if you’re just starting out.

Key Takeaways

  • Intermittent fasting apps can be a great tool to help you on your intermittent fasting journey, but they may require a costly investment. Free apps can work in a pinch, but the paid resources provide customized and personalized support that can make a difference.
  • The app relies on the user to do the work. You need to enter your plan, track your fasting and calories, and be honest while doing it. Intermittent fasting apps are just tools, and it’s up to the user to use them effectively.
  • The community in intermittent fasting apps is not always regulated. It’s important to take everything with a grain of salt and do your own research, especially when it comes to advise from other users. If you notice anything that is wrong, report it to help keep the community informed and accurate.

Need to Take Action

Intermittent fasting apps are great! They contain a lot of interesting information, but to take advantage of all the resources, you actually have to do the work. The app can’t manually track your fasting. You need to enter your plan. If you’re tracking your calories, you still need to enter everything you eat – and be honest while doing it. The same with your workouts.

Intermittent fasting apps rely on you to do the work. They have a lot of features available that can help you on your intermittent fasting journey; however, if you don’t use them, you’re just paying for another app that’s taking up space. It’s kind of like joining a gym. Signing that contract is a great first step, but now you need to go to the gym and do the workouts to see the results. It’s the same with intermittent fasting apps. Downloading them is great. Paying for the subscription is even better. But you won’t get the most out of the app unless you do the work. Otherwise, you’re just wasting money.

Community Not Regulated

Many apps have been developed by consulting experts, and some even allow you to connect with a panel of experts if you have questions. Some of the other features, including the community, aren’t as regulated. This is an area for like-minded individuals to join together and discuss intermittent fasting.

Sometimes, you can have overzealous users. Their heart is in the right place, but they may not be offering the best advice based on science and research. Whatever you read in the community, take it with a grain of salt. Do your own research, and take everything with a grain of salt. That will help you make the most of the intermittent fasting community.

If you notice anything that is wrong, report it. The community is often self-regulated, and it’s your responsibility to make sure there’s no misinformation floating around. It will not only help you but others who are just trying to find support and information as they learn more about intermittent fasting.

Should I Use Intermittent Fasting Apps?

It’s up to you if you think that an intermittent fasting app can help you maximize your results. The app isn’t going to do the work for you, and there’s often an investment to get the best features. Still, you get a big bang for your buck with many intermittent fasting apps, and that make them worth it for some customers.


  • What are intermittent fasting apps?

Intermittent fasting apps are smartphone applications that help users track their eating habits and fasting periods. These apps typically offer features such as calorie tracking, meal planning, and progress monitoring.

  • What is the negative side of using intermittent fasting apps?

The negative side of using intermittent fasting apps is that they can promote unhealthy eating habits and contribute to the development of eating disorders. These apps may encourage users to restrict their food intake excessively or to fast for longer than is safe or appropriate.

  • How do intermittent fasting apps contribute to the development of eating disorders?

Intermittent fasting apps can contribute to developing eating disorders by encouraging users to obsess over their food intake and weight. These apps may also provide inaccurate or misleading information about nutrition and fasting, leading users to adopt unhealthy habits and behaviors.

  • Are there any other negative side effects of using intermittent fasting apps?

Yes, other negative side effects of using intermittent fasting apps can include increased stress and anxiety, decreased energy levels, and disruptions to sleep and digestion.

  • What can users do to avoid the negative side effects of intermittent fasting apps?

To avoid the negative side effects of intermittent fasting apps, users should approach these apps with caution and seek guidance from a healthcare professional before adopting any new dietary or fasting practices. They should also use these apps in moderation and pay attention to their body’s needs and signals.

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