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In the quest for a healthier lifestyle, the right tools can make all the difference. This is where Lasta, a multifaceted health and wellness app, comes into play. Crafted by a team of seasoned fitness coaches, nutritionists, and psychologists, Lasta offers more than just a fasting tracker; it's a comprehensive guide for those seeking a balanced approach to health.

Lasta stands out with its intuitive, user-friendly interface, making the journey towards better health not only achievable but enjoyable. The app's unique blend of features, including intermittent fasting support, mental health resources, and personalized guidance, caters to the diverse needs of its users. It's not just an app; it's a lifestyle companion, guiding you through every step of your health and wellness journey with ease and understanding.

Now, let's dive deeper into our Lasta review, exploring its features, benefits, and how it stands out in the crowded landscape of health and wellness apps.

Lasta App Overview

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#4 out of 40 fasting apps



Very easy to use

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iOS / Android

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iOS 189.4 MB / Android 97.2 MB






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25000+ positive reviews

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Our Lasta Review

lasta app review

Lasta is more than a mere application; it's a comprehensive guide that adeptly steers you through the multifaceted journey of health and wellness. The app thoughtfully addresses each aspect of your wellness journey, offering support and guidance tailored to your individual needs. It begins with a personalized approach, taking into account your lifestyle, dietary preferences, and health goals, ensuring that the experience is as unique as you are.

The app's extensive range of features, from intermittent fasting support to mental health resources, creates a robust and holistic health experience. Lasta employs expert knowledge in various health and wellness aspects, ensuring that every user finds a path that benefits them. Whether it's about managing your fasting schedule, tracking your water intake, or engaging in mental wellness activities, Lasta encompasses a wide array of health strategies under one roof.

But Lasta also brings an element of enjoyment and mindfulness to health management, ensuring that your journey towards better health is not just effective but also enjoyable. The inclusion of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) content and meditation resources in our review stood out, offering a unique approach to both physical and mental well-being. While the app's subscription model might seem a bit restrictive due to additional costs for some courses, the comprehensive nature of the Lasta app, with its diverse features and benefits, justifies the investment.

On a personal note, beyond just the technical review, it's important to recognize that the effectiveness of any health and wellness regimen largely depends on the individual's dedication and mindset. However, Lasta makes adhering to a healthier lifestyle more manageable and less burdensome, transforming it from a daunting task into an enjoyable lifestyle change. Its variety of motivational and educational resources throughout the app is likely to facilitate the process and promote consistency and long-term commitment to health and wellness.

Lasta Pros & Cons


  • The app is designed to be user-friendly, with a clean and beautiful interface that is easy to navigate.
  • Lasta offers features for tracking fasts, water intake, steps, and activity, providing a holistic view of your health.
  • The app generates meal plans based on user preferences, dietary restrictions, and specific health goals, aligning with different lifestyles and eating patterns.
  • Lasta provides a wealth of educational content, including daily affirmations, courses, and guides on various health topics.
  • The app offers a flexible pricing structure and a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to try it risk-free.


  • Some of the courses and guides within the app are available for additional purchase, not included in the basic subscription.
  • The app lacks a feature for tracking calorie intake, which might be a downside for those who want to monitor their caloric consumption closely.

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"I have been doing intermittent fasting and multiple day fasting for a while. Lasta app makes it much easier to do. It really helps me to see how much time I have left to fast or to eat, and keeps me motivated and on track. Plus, the app has tons of helpful mini-courses, tracking for weight loss/water consumption, info on wellness, weight loss, stress relief, hormones, body changes, fasting, nutrition, self-care and lots of great recipes. And, it's really easy to use" - L Thornton

About the Lasta App Itself

Lasta is a remarkably efficient app considering the breadth of features it encompasses. For iOS users, the app size is 189.4 MB, while the size for Android devices it is 97.2 MB. This compact size means that the app won't take up much space on your device, and there are no additional hidden features that require extra storage, ensuring that the space it occupies is all that you'll need. 

To experience Lasta in its full glory, it's important to keep your device updated. For Apple users, the app requires iOS 15.0 or later, ensuring smooth functionality and access to all features. Android users should also ensure their devices are running on a compatible version, although the specific minimum requirement isn't specified. The app itself is free to download, offering a glimpse into its capabilities. However, to unlock the full potential of Lasta, including its comprehensive health tracking, personalized meal plans, and mental wellness resources, a subscription plan is necessary. It's a small-sized app packed with extensive features, accessible through various subscription options

How to use Lasta App?

Using the Lasta app is a straightforward and user-friendly process, designed to enhance your health and wellness journey. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started and make the most out of Lasta:

  1. Download and Install the App: First, download Lasta from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Install it on your device and open the app.

  2. Create an Account: Upon opening Lasta for the first time, you'll be prompted to create an account. You can usually sign up using an email address or through a social media account for convenience.

  3. Set Your Goals and Preferences: Lasta will ask you to set your health and wellness goals. This could include weight loss, improved fitness, better eating habits, or mental wellness objectives. You'll also be asked about dietary preferences, lifestyle, and any specific health concerns.

  4. Explore the Dashboard: Once your account is set up, explore the app's dashboard. Here, you’ll find various features like fasting tracker, water intake monitor, step counter, and more.

  5. Start Tracking: Begin by tracking your daily activities. Input your meal times to monitor your fasting schedule, track your water intake, and log your physical activities.

  6. Engage with Wellness Resources: Take advantage of Lasta’s wellness resources. This includes meditation guides, CBT content, and educational articles. These resources are designed to support both your physical and mental health.

  7. Personalize Your Experience: As you use the app, personalize your experience. Adjust settings according to your changing goals or preferences, and explore different features and tools that Lasta offers.

  8. Monitor Your Progress: Regularly check your progress through the app’s tracking features. This will help you stay motivated and make any necessary adjustments to your routine.

  9. Seek Support if Needed: If you have questions or need assistance, use the app’s support or help section. Lasta may offer FAQs, customer support contact information, or forums for user discussions.

  10. Stay Consistent and Adapt: Finally, the key to making the most of Lasta is consistency and adaptability. Stick to your routine, but don’t hesitate to adapt your goals and usage of the app as your health journey evolves.

Remember, Lasta is a tool to assist you in your health and wellness journey. How you use it can be tailored to fit your individual needs and preferences, making your experience with the app both unique and effective


While Lasta can be downloaded for free, accessing its full suite of features requires a subscription, which is not free. The content and tools available in the subscription plans are substantial, offering a comprehensive approach to wellness. Here's a quick overview of the subscription plans available with Lasta.


For those who want to test the waters or need a short-term wellness boost, the one-month plan is ideal. It costs CA$39.99 per month, providing full access to all of Lasta's features, including personalized meal plans, advanced health tracking, and one-on-one coaching.


If you're committed to a longer-term wellness journey, the six-month plan is a great option. Priced at CA$77.99, billed half-yearly, this plan offers a more cost-effective way to access Lasta's comprehensive features. Currently, there's an opportunity to subscribe at a reduced rate of CA$12.99 per month.


For those looking for a middle ground, the three-month plan is available at CA$59.99, billed quarterly. This plan strikes a balance between short-term commitment and getting a good feel for the app's capabilities. There's also a promotional rate of CA$19.99 per month available now.

How To Cancel Lasta Subscription?

If you decide that Lasta is not the right fit for you, or if you need to cancel your subscription for any reason, the process is straightforward and user-friendly. Here are the steps to cancel your Lasta subscription on different devices:

For iPhone Users:

  1. Go to Settings: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

  2. Click on your Apple ID: At the top of the Settings page, tap your Apple ID.
  3. Go to Subscriptions: Find and click on the “Subscriptions” option.
  4. Find Lasta: Scroll through your active and expired subscriptions to locate “Lasta.”
  5. Cancel Subscription: Select “Lasta,” then click on “Cancel Subscription” at the bottom. Confirm your choice to successfully cancel your subscription.

For Other Devices or Through the Lasta App:

  1. Open the Lasta App: Locate and open the Lasta app on your device.

  2. Go to Account or Profile: Find the account or profile section, usually indicated by an icon or menu.
  3. Select Manage Subscription: Look for an option to manage your subscription, which might be under “settings” or “billing.”
  4. Cancel Subscription: Click on “Manage Subscription,” then select the option to cancel your Lasta subscription. Confirm your decision to complete the cancellation.

To Cancel Lasta Membership: If you wish to cancel not just the subscription but also your Lasta membership, which includes your profile and data:

  1. Open the Lasta App: Start by opening the Lasta app on your device.
  2. Navigate to Account or Profile: Go to your account or profile section.
  3. Find Delete Account: Look for an option to delete or deactivate your account, likely under “settings” or “account settings.”
  4. Confirm Deletion: Click on “Delete Account” and confirm your choice. Note that this will likely result in the loss of all data or history associated with your account.
  5. Follow the Prompt: Complete any additional steps as directed by the app to fully delete your account.

Remember, canceling a subscription or membership is a decision that should be considered thoroughly. If you decide to return to Lasta in the future, you can always resubscribe.


Some users have raised concerns regarding Lasta's handling of personal health and activity data, particularly in terms of privacy and security. During my review of the app, I found no direct issues related to data privacy. Lasta provides options to manage data sharing preferences, allowing users to have control over their personal information. While it's beneficial to enable data sharing for a more personalized experience, users who prioritize privacy can opt to limit this feature.

Like most modern apps, Lasta requires certain permissions to function optimally, but it doesn't appear to pose more privacy risks than typical health or fitness apps. For those concerned about Lasta tracking and potentially sharing their data, it's reassuring to know that the app maintains a standard of privacy protection. According to their policies, data is stored on secure servers, and there's no indication of sharing sensitive information with third-party data firms. As with any app, users should review Lasta's privacy policy for a clear understanding of how their data is used and protected.

Ranks #4 out of 40 fasting apps

Lasta makes sticking with fasting easier than any other app.


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During my experience with the Lasta app, its effectiveness and comprehensive approach to wellness became increasingly apparent. The level of personalization and ease of use set Lasta apart from many of its competitors. The app provides a sense of care and attention to detail in its features, from tracking physical activities to offering mental wellness resources. Lasta is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a well-rounded health program tailored to their individual needs. While there is a cost associated with its full suite of features, the value provided by Lasta, in terms of both physical and mental health support, justifies the investment. Ranking #3 on our list, Lasta stands out as a top-tier option for a holistic health and wellness journey.

Key Features:

  • The app is designed to be user-friendly, with a clean and beautiful interface that is easy to navigate.
  • Lasta offers features for tracking fasts, water intake, steps, and activity, providing a holistic view of your health.
  • The app generates meal plans based on user preferences, dietary restrictions, and specific health goals, aligning with different lifestyles and eating patterns.
  • Lasta provides a wealth of educational content, including daily affirmations, courses, and guides on various health topics.
  • The app offers a flexible pricing structure and a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to try it risk-free.




✔️What is LASTA App?

Lasta is a comprehensive health and wellness app that offers features like fasting tracking, personalized meal plans, mental wellness resources, and activity monitoring.


Lasta works by allowing users to set personal health goals, track various health metrics like fasting, water intake, and physical activity, and access resources for mental wellness and personalized nutrition.


Lasta offers various subscription plans: CA$39.99 for one month, CA$59.99 for three months, and CA$77.99 for six months, with occasional promotional rates.


Yes, Lasta is safe to use. It employs standard data protection and privacy measures to ensure user information is secure and confidential.


To cancel your Lasta subscription, go to the app's account or profile section, select 'Manage Subscription,' and then choose the option to cancel. Confirm your decision to complete the cancellation.

✔️Is LASTA Worth It?

Lasta is worth it for those seeking a comprehensive and personalized approach to health and wellness, offering a blend of physical activity tracking, nutritional guidance, and mental health support.

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