PEP Starvation Tracker Review

Intermittent fasting, in recent years, has become quite popular. With this massive rise in popularity, there have been entire industries built off of the demand. Countless intermittent fasting apps and programs have been designed to benefit from the trend of the dietary plan with monthly and yearly subscriptions for each.

Not all apps come with a demanding price tag some come with no cost at all. This PEP Starvation Tracker review takes a look at one of the best, free intermittent fasting apps available: PEP Starvation.

The goal of this PEP Starvation tracker review is to take a look at everything the app has to offer so that new users can decide for themselves whether this is the perfect app for them

PEP Starvation App Overview

Overall Rank

#24 out of 40 fasting apps



Easy to use

Operating systems:

iOS / Android

App size:

iOS 79.6 MB / Android 39 MB








1000+ positive reviews

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Our PEP Starvation App Review

PEP Starvation Tracker Review PEP Starvation Tracker Review

This is a surprisingly standard intermittent fasting app. I was shocked at how competent it was, especially after researching and testing it myself. A free app that isn't available on iOS with very few reviews certainly doesn't bode well for testing. However, once I downloaded the app and tested out the tracker, I was ready for more. It's a deceptively small app with tons of free features that other intermittent fasting apps would charge a monthly subscription fee for.

There is plenty that this app can work on - the user interface can be a bit cumbersome at times and the data points are a little outdated - but for free, this is a fantastic intermittent fasting tracker. It offers all of the base tools to help you succeed with intermittent fasting and even provides some customization options. Tailor your fasting to your needs for free with the PEP Starvation Tracker.

Throughout my PEP Starvation Tracker review, I kept encountering new and exciting features that I didn't expect from a free app. This app will keep you enthralled for quite a while and will aid you in intermittent fasting with the same dependency and quality of a high-end fasting app. It's lacking in many ways, but for free, it's certainly worth giving a shot.

A Quick Personal Opinion

I was absolutely surprised at how my PEP had to offer. I went into this PEP Starvation Tracker review expecting the worst - bracing myself for incompetency - but I was pleasantly surprised by what I received. PEPE has much to offer new intermittent fasters, all for free

PEP Starvation App Pros & Cons

Here are the highlights and the lowlights of what the PEP Starvation Tracker has to offer.


  • Completely free with tons of content and information about intermittent fasting
  • Custom fasting plans so that users can attune their fasting to their body's needs
  • Focuses on the mentality of intermittent fasting as well as the physical aspect


  • Targeted ads can be quite cumbersome and lead to loading issues
  • Some of the information is limited which shoehorns users into how they can fast
  • Data input can be difficult as the app will sometimes skip your desired weight information.

Start your Intermittent Fasting JOurney Today

"Very helpful. Just started using the app and it very helpful in tracking my stop and start times, as well as tracking water consumption." - Deborah Rice

About the PEP Starvation App Itself

  • The app is relatively small and only requires 39M of storage on Android and 79.6 MB on IOS devices
  • You must have Android 5.0 and up for the app to function
  • No iOS version of the app
  • Dietary diary for users to input their data and track their progress
  • Users can choose their fasting plans from the options provided


PEP offers their entire app for free with no in-app purchases to be made. When it comes to intermittent fasting apps, this is a unique and exciting move. There is a decent amount of content that can be accessed through this app so it's a little bit surprising to receive it all for free. The only issue with this free app is that they have to make their money back somehow - advertising.

The targeted ads can be quite cumbersome and often led me to lose my place in an article or data input period. These ads can take a while to properly load which leads to some glitchy moments, but if that's the only price you have to pay for a relatively useful intermittent fasting app, I'll take it. Getting everything that PEP Starvation offers for free is quite a deal.

This app is by no means a revolutionary intermittent fasting tracker that provides users with unique tools and rare insights, but it does offer a decent amount of content for free. It took me a bit to get into the app and the services it provides, but once I did, it was well worth my time. Since this app is completely free, there is no risk for new intermittent fasters to try it out. Test out the PEP app and see if it works for you. If you don't like what it provides, you didn't lose any money trying!


The only privacy issue that users can expect to encounter is the intrusive targeted ads. However, these ads do not receive information from the PEP app, they gather your data from processing systems and browsers. PEP Starvation keeps your data safe and your privacy secure.

Ranks #24 out of 40 fasting apps

The app makes getting started and sticking with fasting simple.

PEP Intermittent Fasting - starvation tracker
PEP Intermittent Fasting - starvation tracker

PEP Starvation App Alternatives

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Where this app truly shines is in its choice of goals. Most apps assume that weight loss is your end goal and tailor their services towards that mark. Throughout my Window - Intermittent Fasting app review I was continuously asked what my end goal was. The app ensures that all sorts of health-related goals can be achieved. Weight loss, more energy throughout the day, fat burning, better sleep, improved heart health, and so much more.

Key  Features:

  • Completely free with tons of content and information about intermittent fasting
  • Custom fasting plans so that users can attune their fasting to their body's needs
  • Focuses on the mentality of intermittent fasting as well as the physical aspect




Here are some of the web's most frequently asked questions regarding the PEP Starvation Tracker.

✔️How Does PEP Starvation App Work?

When using the app, you can select from a range of different fasting plan. The tracker will then allow you to input your start time and a counter will start. Once your fasting period has ended, you can enter your date and track your progress.

✔️How Much Does PEP Starvation App Cost?

The app is completely free and doesn't offer any subscription plans. There are targeted ads that cannot be removed, but you unlock the entire program for free by just downloading it.

✔️Is PEP Starvation App Safe?

The PEP Starvation Tracker is completely safe and ensures that all user data is properly protected. They don't sell your data to third-party companies and keep everything you offer them entirely secure and private.

✔️How to Cancel PEP Starvation App Subscription?

There is no subscription plan for you to cancel. No recurring payments to avoid.

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