DoFasting vs Simple Fasting Tracker: Which App is Better?

DoFasting vs Simple Fasting Tracker

If you’re looking to lose weight, you may want to check out intermittent fasting. Not only will it help you shed pounds, but it will also improve your overall health. It can be challenging to know where to start, so that’s where fasting apps come in. They help kick start your intermittent fasting journey, helping you stay accountable to your goals.

DoFasting can offer robust features to help you integrate intermittent fasting into your daily routine. In contrast, Simple Fasting Tracker strips it down to the basics to keep you focused and avoid distractions. There are pros and cons to both apps.

Benefits of DoFasting

DoFasting can help you do it all. You can track your fasts and meals using this app, discover meals that can make your fasting easier, and check out workout plans to help you lose even more weight. Challenges can keep you motivated, pitting you against others to help you progress forward each week.

DoFasting App Functionality


DoFasting makes sticking with fasting easier than any other app.

DoFasting App Review
DoFasting App Review

Benefits of Simple Fasting Tracker

Simple Fasting App helps you select your goals and then gives you guidance and best practices to meet them. You can log your food, water, and activity levels in this app, tracking your weight loss over time. This app has no fancy features to distract you from your goals.

Simple Fasting Tracker App FUNCTIONALITY


The app makes getting started and sticking with fasting simple.

Simple Life App
Simple Life App

DoFasting vs Simple Fasting Tracker Comparison 



Operating System


DoFasting App Review

£67.00 per year

  • iOS
  • Android
Simple Life App

£49.99 per year

  • iOS
  • Android

What are the Differences?

Let’s explore some comparison points to help you choose.


DoFasting is more straightforward with the pricing, and you can get it all for a single price. A three-month plan costs £32.99, while six months is £45.99 and annual plans cost £66.99. Simple Fasting app has different pricing tiers that range from £15 per month to £29.99 for a 3-month plan to £49.99 for a yearly plan. There are other features, including additional workbook bundles, that you can purchase separately.

Key Features

DoFasting gives you a little bit of everything in a single app, but the vast features aren’t overwhelming. On the contrary, they help compliment your journey. Track your fasts, find recipes, and plan your next workout directly from the app. When you want to learn more, read their scientific research. Join in weekly challenges to motivate you. It’s a great app if you need more support through your intermittent fasting journey.

Simple Fasting Tracker is, as its name sounds – simple. There are not a lot of bells and whistles. You’ll get tailored intermittent fasting guidance based on the information you add. The app will remind you when you need to eat and when to fast. When you log what you eat, Simple Fasting Tracker will provide nutritional information to help you optimize your diet. They even offer some educational information, but it’s not as in-depth as DoFasting. Simple Fasting Tracker slims it down to the basics to get you results.

How to Choose?

Choosing between DoFasting and Simple Fasting Tracker will be easy. Identify the number of features you want. If you want more than simple tracking, then go with DoFasting. If tracking is all you want, then Simple Fasting Tracker will be the one for you. Each app is easy to use and top-rated.

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