DoFasting vs Zero Fasting: Which App is Better?

DoFasting vs Zero Fasting

Fasting can be challenging to start, but you don’t have to do it alone. Fasting apps like DoFasting and Zero Fasting can support you on your journey. They make fasting easier by breaking it down into smaller sections, helping you tackle each step equipped with the skills, knowledge, and community you need to succeed. 

Both apps offer great features that help you lose weight and improve your overall wellbeing in healthy and sustainable ways. Let’s explore some of the benefits of each app, as well as key comparison points to help you choose between these effective fasting apps.

Benefits of DoFasting

DoFasting is a highly-rated fasting app that offers many different fasting modes you can pick from, customizing the plans to fit into your lifestyle. In addition, it provides meal recommendations, including more than 5,000 healthy recipes, workout routines, and educational articles to help you understand the why behind what you’re doing.

DoFasting App Functionality


DoFasting makes sticking with fasting easier than any other app.

DoFasting App Review
DoFasting App Review

Benefits of Zero Fasting

Zero Fasting is an easy-to-use fasting app. Its main feature is a fasting timer that shows you how much time has elapsed, as well as the remainder, type of fast, and other insights. It integrates with your phone’s health apps to help you garner more results from your fast.



It makes keeping track of your fasting and eating breaks simple and lets you know what progress you're making.


DoFasting vs Zero Fasting Comparison 



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DoFasting App Review

£67.00 per year

  • iOS
  • Android

£69.99 per year

  • iOS
  • Android

What are the Differences?

There are critical differences between DoFasting and Zero Fasting, particularly in the pricing and key features to help you choose the right fasting app.


DoFasting has three plans available. You can get a three-month plan for £32.99, a six-month plan for £45.99, or an annual plan for £67. Zero Fasting offers two different subscriptions. You can pay monthly for £9.99 or yearly for £69.99. With less than a £5 difference, the price will not help you choose between these fasting apps.

Key Features

DoFasting offers a quiz to help you pick the best intermittent fasting plan; however, you can always choose a standard plan. This app also offers recipes and workout routines to help you maximize the benefits of intermittent fasting. DoFasting wants to keep you on track, so they send daily motivations to keep you going. They offer a challenge mode for the competitive type where you’ll compete against other users. Top it off with a progress tracker, calendar, and library of information – DoFasting packs a lot into this app.

Zero Fasting allows you to create custom plans to help you reach your weight loss goals. There’s even a timer that helps you keep track of your progress. Exclusive educational content will arm you with the knowledge you need to move forward, and if you have any questions, you can consult with their expert panel. Track your progress every day with this fasting app.

How to Choose?

Explore the user-friendly interface to see which app you like better. Weigh the features against the cost. If you are visual, Zero Fasting’s timer may work for you. If you want to understand the why behind your food choices, DoFasting may be better. Choosing a fasting app comes down to preference.

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