Longevity Diet Review

Conscious and mindful eating is key to a long, healthy life. From Diabetes and metabolic syndrome to malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies - a lot of health conditions have their bases in a poor diet.

Developing healthy eating habits can help you kick these diseases to the curb. Likewise, the lack of a healthy diet can leave you more vulnerable to disease and infirmity. Luckily, there are tons of resources available today that can help you make sure that you are on a well-balanced diet.

Longevity Diet Book Review

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Valter Longo

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January 2, 2018

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What is Longevity Diet?

The Longevity Diet is one of these many resources helping you make educated decisions about what and when to eat. Containing all the secrets to healthy eating, this book is a complete guide to choosing a diet that is best for your physical and mental well-being. Written by Dr Valter Lango, The Longevity Diet details clinically tested, tried and true methods to slow down aging, fight disease, and lose weight. And the best part? It does this all with zero compromises to your nutritional requirements being met.

The Longevity Diet is not just another book on losing weight fast. It is a book that helps you reach your ideal healthy weight and maintain it for years to come.


Most of us want to live a healthy, long life. But what’s the best way to switch on your body's ability to promote cellular protection, regeneration and rejuvenation? Valter Longo Ph.D., a researcher and director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California (USC) helps answer that question, as he’s investigated this topic for over two decades. As the editor and founder of the most visited natural health site I had an opportunity to carefully review Dr. Longo’s book which is why I can post a comprehensive review on the date of publication.

By studying the effects of starvation on yeast, Longo discovered that sugar accelerates aging and premature death. He also found that limiting protein intake providing profound metabolic benefits and as a result he promotes radically reduced protein consumption. Longo recommends limiting protein to 0.31 to 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight. For most, that would mean cutting down their protein consumption by about two-thirds. If you weigh 150 pounds, you’d need just 50 grams of protein a day.

If you eat excessive protein then your regenerative potential is placed on hold. Once you remove these blocks, your stem cells are turned on, and then, during the refeeding phase, your body undergoes a major regeneration and rejuvenation phase. This is in part why intermittent fasting or fasting is so much better than chronic calorie restriction. The “magic” actually happens during the refeeding phase, after you’ve gone through a period of starvation.

If you just cut calories but never enter refeeding, you miss the opportunity to rebuild your body. So, while starvation triggers the cleanout process of autophagy and activates stem cells, refeeding triggers rebuilding, and for optimal health, you really need both.

It is Longo’s research that finally convinced me that multi-day water fasting is one of the most powerful metabolic interventions out there. There's really nothing that comes close, and the reason for this is because it switches your cells to a protected “anti-aging mode.” It promotes autophagy and replaces cell components with newly generated functional ones, thanks to the activation of stem cells. I now do a five-day water-only fast once a month, and recommend it for most people — as long as you’ve prepared yourself properly first.

A key step that made water fasting easy for me was getting into the habit of intermittently fasting 20 hours a day for at least a month. If you’re on medication, you also need to work with your doctor to ensure safety, as some medications really need to be taken with food and/or can become toxic when your body chemistry normalizes. Those taking hypoglycemic or anti-hypertensive medication are particularly at risk, as they may end up overdosing.

Longo cautions that people who should not water fast or be on the fasting mimicking diet include pregnant women, people who are seriously underweight (have low body mass index) and/or suffer from anorexia, seniors over the age of 70 (unless you’re exceptionally healthy), anyone who is fragile or people with liver or kidney disease. If you have a chronic disease, be sure to work with your doctor and have him or her closely monitor your condition.

One of the strong recommendations in Longo’s book is to actively incorporate the fasting approach if you’re undergoing treatment for cancer. Not only will it radically improve the effectiveness of the cancer therapy, but it will also decrease its side effects. In his book, Longo cites animal research showing the fasting mimicking diet in combination with treadmill exercise resulted in greater maintenance of muscle mass and a decrease in sarcopenia. Interestingly, neither strategy worked on its own.

Longo’s research also shows the fasting reduces inflammation and inflammatory diseases such as dermatitis. Cancers are reduced by nearly 50 percent. Importantly, cancers are also significantly postponed, and many tumors are also benign rather than malignant. Cognition is also improved. In mice that received the fasting mimicking diet twice a month were cognitively doing much better than the mice on the regular diet.

Another area of improvement is your immune system, which undergoes a transformation to a more youthful state. Overall, there’s a reduction in risk factors for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, and an improvement in markers for aging. So if you are interested in increasing not only how long you live but the quality of those years then you would be strongly advised to review this book to understand how to best accomplish that with our current understanding of biology.

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About AUthor

Valter Longo is the director of the Longevity Institute at USC in Los Angeles, and of the Program on Longevity and Cancer at IFOM (Molecular Oncology FIRC Institute) in Milan. His studies focus on the fundamental mechanisms of aging in simple organisms and mice and on how they can be translated to humans. Dr. Longo received the 2010 Nathan Shock Lecture Award from the National Institute on Aging (NIA/NIH) and the 2013 Vincent Cristofalo "Rising Star" Award in Aging Research from the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR).

Longevity Diet Book Pros & Cons


  • Talks about ways to enhance your life expectancy through diet.
  • Details methods to help keep dangerous and chronic diseases at bay.
  • Helpful in shedding those extra pounds and maintaining a healthy BMI.
  • Contains 30 easy, delicious recipe to motivate you to eat healthy.
  • Does not compromise the health of the reader.


  • Emphasizes on disease control rather than weight loss.
  • Follows a plant and fish based diet plan.
  • Not suitable for those who give in to their cravings easily.

Our Longevity Diet BOOK Review

Longevity Diet Book Review

The Longevity Diet is an elaborate manual on eating right to help you live healthier for longer. It is fantastic for those who are at risk for developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzeihemer’s, or even cancer. Based on scientific principles, The Longevity Diet details ways that you can decrease your risk of health problems by being conscious about what you eat.

This intermittent fasting book not only explains what you should be eating and why, but also has several delicious healthy recipes to keep you motivated to eat healthy. The book is written by a doctor, so you can rest assured that your health will never be at risk when following this lifelong diet plan.


If you are looking to maintain an all around healthy lifestyle, then The Longevity Diet is an excellent pick for you. But if you are more concerned about shedding those extra pounds, there are definitely more appropriate options out there.

Key  Features:

  • Talks about ways to enhance your life expectancy through diet.
  • Details methods to help keep dangerous and chronic diseases at bay.
  • Helpful in shedding those extra pounds and maintaining a healthy BMI.
  • Contains 30 easy, delicious recipe to motivate you to eat healthy.
  • Does not compromise the health of the reader.



Ranks #2 out of 11 fasting Books

An all encompassing guide to intermittent fasting

Longevity Diet Book Review
Longevity Diet Book Review

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✔️What is Longevity Diet?

The Longevity Diet is a book by Dr Valter Longo that talks about how you can better your health status with the food you choose to eat. It is a comprehensive guide to healthy eating that can extend your lifespan, prevent age-related muscle and bone loss, build resistance to common pathological conditions, and maintain an ideal weight by reducing abdominal fat.

✔️Is Longevity Diet good for beginners?

Having a lifetime diet plan that is extremely easy to adopt, The Longevity Diet is very beginner-friendly. The weight loss method consists of a diet of 5 days at a time, with long intervals in between. Hence, it is not too intense for somebody who has never dieted in their life.

✔️How much does Longevity Diet cost?

On amazon, you will find the Kindle edition of The Longevity Diet selling for $14.99. The paperback version of this book is available online for $14.69.

✔️Is Longevity Diet worth it?

All in all, The Longevity Diet is a good read and will help you live your best life by improving your health. However, we would not recommend it if your sole purpose to go on a fasting diet was to lose weight.

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