Six-Pack Abs Harsh Myths

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Squats, lunges, pushups and even wall exercises: it is really amazing how much wrong information gets stuck in everyone’s head just because it is repeated so often and for so long. But if you are interested in having six-pack abs, then it is time you know the real truth.

The very first thing we will discuss today may probably blow your mind, because no one ever talks about it. But once you get used to this idea, achieving your goal of having six-pack abs will be a much simpler task. And please note the word simple does not mean easy.

Key Takeaways

  • There is no easy way to get six-pack abs. Despite the numerous products out there that promise quick and easy results, achieving well-toned six-pack abs requires exercise and dedication.
  • Having six-pack abs is not the same thing as being able to see them. Even if you have toned muscles in your abs, they can still be covered by belly fat, which you can only lose through a combination of diet and exercise.
  • The right exercises are crucial for getting six-pack abs. Crunches are not the only exercise that can tone and strengthen your abs. There are plenty of alternative exercises, such as squats, pushups, and wall exercises, that can be just as effective, if not more so, without putting unnecessary pressure on your spine.

There is NO easy way to get six-pack abs.

This is disappointing, and you won’t disagree. There are so many products out there that promise you a fast and easy six-pack, right? Most of those programs, supplements and exercise videos are expensive, too. But people buy them because they want so desperately to have six-pack abs as quickly as possible, without working too hard or depriving themselves in any way.

But it’s all just a big waste of money, because it ain’t gonna happen. Seriously, just think about it for a moment. If there was any possible way you could get a fast and easy six-pack, EVERYONE would have them. Even if they were expensive, we’d all be saving our pennies. Unfortunately, it takes exercise. Those six-pack abs are literally extremely well-toned muscles, and you won’t get them without the right exercise.

In this article we will be talking about what constitutes the right kind of exercise just a little further on. But first, back to this one idea that you absolutely HAVE to remember.

HAVING six-pack abs is NOT the same thing as being able to SEE them.

Remember that six-pack abs are extremely well toned muscles? Well, you could do all the right exercises and get those abs rock hard and perfectly toned…yet still not have that nice flat abdomen with visibly defined muscles.

Yep. Did you just gasp in shock? Well, it’s true.

Why, you may ask, would you not be able to see those strong muscles you’ve worked so hard on?

Because they are covered in belly fat!

Oh yes, there actually happen to be quite a few people who have very strong and well developed muscles under mountainous layers of fat. And if they could just get rid of some of that fat, then maybe you could see a nice six-pack under there.

However, again, please note the term “maybe”. Because there is another erroneous idea that has been floating around the web forever that people don’t realize is pure myth.

You cannot choose where to lose weight on your body.

You CAN choose which muscle groups to work on. So when you end up getting rid of fat in the right places, these well-toned muscles will be visible. But everyone loses weight in different ways. Our bodies shed fat from different places at different rates on different schedules.

In fact, believe it or not, you could actually end up losing enough weight that your upper four ab muscles are right there for the world to see but the lower two are nowhere to be found. Incredible, right? And how can that happen? Because the lower two ab muscles are still covered in belly fat.

So all you can do is shedding fat until all your glorious muscles are on display. And how do you do that? Diet and exercise. There is simply no other way. The two go hand in hand. A proper diet will help you shed the fat, while the exercise will burn calories and tone muscles.

What that means is, you could be working so hard and achieving your goal of toned well defined muscles, but if you are eating too much of the wrong carbs and junk food or sweets, those fabulous muscles will be buried under a mountain of fat.

There is good news, though!

The stronger your muscles, the more calories they will burn just by being there. Yes, the bigger your muscles, the more calories they burn all by themselves. So your muscles will be helping you on your weight loss and fat-shedding journey. Don’t sabotage them by eating too much of the wrong foods!

Now, we will move on to what is probably the most important factor in getting six pack abs, which everyone has gotten wrong for generations.

Do the RIGHT exercises.

And SURPRISE! It is NOT crunches! No, it really is not crunches that will get you six-pack abs. Or, at least, not without the possibility that they could cause you serious damage!

Now listen, this is just common sense. Constantly, and repetitively, curving and putting pressure on our spines is an utterly horrible idea. Our spines are a miracle of engineering. In fact, they allow us to do so much. It is the last thing that we should want to take the least chance with, yet people are doing this over a hundred times every single day! In the video bellow you will find the perfect routine for your six pack abs!

NO! Just STOP!

It is possible for you to tone and strengthen the muscles in your abdomen by using a variety of exercises that are ALL better than crunches. For example, there are different kinds of squats and pushups you could try. There are even wall exercises that have been proven beneficial in creating those beautiful six-pack abs.

And they are not difficult to find. Just go online and look up on alternative ab exercises or ab exercises better than crunches. You could also ask people, maybe a trainer at the gym. Then try a bunch and see which ones you like best. You will know whether they are working because you will FEEL them working.

All you will have to do after that is keep repeating them on a regular basis, to get a fabulous six-pack. That done, you must focus on keeping it. Don’t forget, though, you won’t be able to see them if they’re covered up by fat. So keep that in mind when choosing what to eat.

We would like to recommend you  reading our how to lose weight fast guide, which explains the right methods that will help you make your six pack visible.


  • What are some common myths about getting six-pack abs?

Some common myths include that you need to do hundreds of crunches a day, that you need to eliminate all fat from your diet, and that you can spot and reduce fat from your midsection.

  • Is it possible to get six-pack abs without doing any ab-specific exercises?

Yes, getting six-pack abs without doing ab-specific exercises is possible. A combination of a healthy diet, cardio workout, and full-body strength training can help you build a strong core and reveal your abs.

  • Can you get six-pack abs in a short amount of time?

It’s unlikely to get six-pack abs in a short amount of time. Building visible abs requires a low body fat percentage, which can take several weeks or months.

  • Is it necessary to follow a strict diet to get six-pack abs?

While following a healthy diet to reduce body fat and reveal your abs is important, you don’t necessarily need to follow a strict or restrictive diet. A balanced diet with a moderate calorie deficit can be effective for achieving six-pack abs.

  • Can genetics play a role in getting six-pack abs?

Yes, genetics can play a role in getting six-pack abs. Some people may naturally have more defined abs due to genetics, while others may need to work harder to achieve visible abs.

  • Is it safe to use supplements or fat burners to help get six-pack abs?

It’s important to be cautious when using supplements or fat burners to help get six-pack abs. Some of these products can have negative side effects or may not be effective. It’s best to focus on a healthy diet and exercise routine instead.

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