Zero Fasting vs Simple Fasting Tracker: Which App is Better?

Zero Fasting vs Simple Fasting Tracker

Fasting is about much more than just abstaining from food for hours or days. Instead, what you eat while not fasting is just as important as how long you fast because it will provide you with sustained energy. There are a lot of nuances to intermittent fasting apps like Zero Fasting and Simple Fasting Tracker can help you learn them and set you up for success.

It’s all about features between these two apps. They can both do the basics, but there’s always more to explore. Let’s see what makes these two apps so special and worth your time.

Benefits of Zero Fasting

One of the best features of Zero Fasting is that you can phone a friend if you have questions, and a member of their panel of experts can help you. Track your meals and fasts, and afterward, explore what happened to your body and how you can do better next time.

Zero Fasting App Functionality


It makes keeping track of your fasting and eating breaks simple and lets you know what progress you're making.

Zero Fasting
Zero Fasting

Benefits of Simple Fasting Tracker

Simple Fasting Tracker starts by helping you choose your goals. It can be simple as losing weight and as unique as helping you be more mindful and sleep better. Next, it will help you pick a plan that works for you, tracking your food and water intake, activity levels, and weight.

Simple Fasting Tracker App FUNCTIONALITY


The app makes getting started and sticking with fasting simple.

Simple Life App
Simple Life App

Zero Fasting vs Simple Fasting Tracker Comparison 



Operating System


Zero Fasting

£69.99 per year

  • iOS
  • Android
Simple Life App

£49.99 per year

  • iOS
  • Android

What are the Differences?

Let’s explore what sets these two popular fasting apps apart, helping you choose the right app for you.


Zero Fasting and Simple Fasting Tacker have free plans, but you will get the best features when you pay for their app. Zero Fasting will cost £9.99 month-to-month or £69.99 annually. Simple Fasting Tracker can cost £15.99 monthly, £29.99 for three months, or £49.99 annually. You get the best value for both if you purchase a yearly plan.

Key Features

Zero Fasting’s premium features are hard to beat, especially the expert panel you can consult for personalized support. If you prefer to be more self-guided, many videos, audio files, and articles can help teach you. Track your fasting and learn what’s happened to your body during each step. Advanced statistics can help you adjust for even better results.

Simple Fasting Tracker offers many of the same features, just at a less advanced level. Track your fasts, food, water, and activity level with this app. Look at patterns to help you see your trends over time. They don’t offer the same rich analytics, so you’ll have to interpret the data yourself, though basic nutritional information is available. Simple Fasting Tracker has some educational resources available, too, so be sure to explore everything they can offer you. It's a simple app that won’t distract you, but there are additional features to make purchasing it worthwhile.

How to Choose?

Choosing between Zero Fasting and Simple Fasting Tracker will come down to what you hope to get out of it. If you want more features, pick Zero Fasting. If you want fewer distractions, Simple Fasting Tracker is your app. Both are great and help you achieve your goals.

Our #2 Recommendation: DoFasting

It's easily one of the best intermittent fasting app that offers plenty of features for anyone!

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DoFasting App Review
DoFasting App Review

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