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Fasting requires an individualized experience. No two people are the same, and no two paths to weight loss and health are either. If you're looking for the perfect way to lose weight fast and stay healthy while doing so, then you need a personalized track. Many fasting apps offer general information about fasting, but very few offer their services on a personal level. 

Throughout my BodyFast app review, this was one aspect that stood out to me. BodyFast offers some of the most individualized training for fasting that I've ever seen. Keep on reading and learn everything you need to know about Bodyfast app.  By the end of this review, you should have a thorough understanding of what the app offers and whether or not it's the right one for you.

BodyFast App Overview

Overall Rank

#7 out of 40 fasting apps



Very easy to use

Operating systems:

iOS / Android

App size:

iOS 51.3 MB / Android 29.8 MB






AU$69.99 per year


58000+ positive reviews

Official website:

Our BodyFast App Review

If you're looking for one of the most comprehensive and personalized fasting apps available, then BodyFast is the app for you. Throughout my BodyFast app review, I found myself in awe of the customization options available. This app is able to personalize your fasting week like no other and it ensures that the plans you're following are well-suited for your lifestyle and goals.

This BodyFast app review started out as a typical fasting service review but quickly morphed into something greater - a test of coaching and training practices. I fell in love with the services the app had to offer and cannot recommend it enough for users looking for a thorough and personal path to weight loss. The coaching and fasting options available via BodyFast are simply unmatched.

Overall, I truly enjoyed what this app had to offer. I will say that the "50 fasting methods" available for the paid-for users aren't too diverse and many of them can be quite repetitive in nature. That aspect left me wanting, but everything else about this app is curated to service fasters well.

BodyFast app Pros & Cons

As with any fasting app, some pros and cons need to be discussed. While I did appreciate a majority of what the BodyFast app review had to offer, there were a couple of things that I was left unhappy about. Here is a quick compilation of what I felt worked for the app and what needed to be worked on.


  • One of the most individualized fasting experiences I've ever had.
  • Incredible coaching and fasting tips that make the process simple.
  • Fun challenges to keep you fasting long after the initial interest wears off.
  • Offers a free version for users to try out before committing to the full app.


  • Can be limited in the approaches it offers as the fasting methods tend to mimic one another.
  • The free version comes with advertisements that can get in the way of using the app.

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"Makes it simple and motivates. it helped me to drop 10 kg in 2 months. The app has improved overtime. I now try the power week and other types of fasting that I never did before. Thank you" - Andrew S Gray

About BodyFast App Itself

As far as technical details go, this is a rather generic app. It's only 51.3 MB in size on iOS devices and 29.8 MB on Androids. It has low system requirements to function. You do need to have iOS 10.0 and up or Android 5.0 and up to get the most out of the app.
Here are some of the main features offered by the app.

  • Weekly challenges to keep you actively pursuing your weight loss goals.
  • Individualized fasting plans that cater towards your needs and the needs of your body.
  • A wide array of scientific studies and information to back up their techniques and fasting trends


So how much does BodyFast cost? Well, it can be completely free if you'd like to keep it that way! One of the unique features of this app that I loved was that it offered an extensive free version so that people could utilize its base functions, test it out, and see if it's right for them - all without paying for it. The free version of the app lets users track their weight and statistics, follow the tracking timer, access the library of information, and try out up to 10 different fasting methods.

There are a couple of paid-for plans that are well worth the price tag in my opinion. The first plan - the one found on the website - is available for AU$1.35/week. This plan offers users a new, custom fasting schedule every week based on their progress or regress. You gain access to over 50 different fasting variations which can be picked for you by the "coaches."

There are plenty of other types of payment plans which all seem to give you access to the full coach app. The only difference that I could find was the number of payments you make. The website breaks the subscription cost down into a weekly format to make the price seem lower and more accessible, but users can opt for the AU$69.99 payment option which is a once-a-year payment.


Is the app not working out for you? Do you want to cancel your subscription plan to avoid automatic renewals? Well, luckily BodyFast makes it relatively simple. You can either access and cancel your subscription through the account section on their website, or you can go through the App/Play Store and cancel your subscription through the phone.


It's fair to ask whether or not your information is safe with BodyFast. It's taking information about your body and storing it on an online server which can certainly be worrying. Luckily, this app ensures that your information is protected and won't be sold to any companies or services.

Ranks #7 out of 40 fasting apps

It makes keeping track of your fasting and eating breaks simple and lets you know what progress you're making.

BodyFast App Review
BodyFast App Review

BodyFast App Alternatives

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Overall, this is a high-quality app. The content you have access to and the step-by-step instructional videos are certainly worth the price. The feature that really stood out to me was the fast-tracking timer. It makes keeping track of your fasting and eating breaks simple and lets you know what progress you're making. You won't always see the progress on yourself too quickly so having the statistics section showing you your progress is a fantastic addition.

Key  Features:

  • Easy to use and complies your accomplishments in an easy to read graph.
  • Tons of content to help you understand fasting and its benefits.
  • The free version allows users to try out the services before paying.
  • Brings the science to you and justifies fasting.
  • It costs a little more then market average.





Here are some of the internet's most frequently asked questions about BodyFast.

✔️What is BodyFast?

BodyFast is an intermittent fasting app that helps you customize and personalize your program to meet your needs. They have more than 50 options available, with coaching and fasting tips to keep driving you forward to achieve your goals. BodyFast makes intermittent fasting easy and manageable for all users.

✔️How does the BodyFast app work?

The app will ask you a few questions regarding your weight, lifestyle, and weight loss goals. It will then take your weekly information and offer you new, personalized coaching plans to aid you on your fasting journey.

✔️How much does BodyFast app cost?

There is a free version of the app which offers extensive coverage and many fasting plans. However, the paid-for version costs AU$1.35/week.

✔️Is the BodyFast app safe?

The app is completely safe and makes sure to guide its users through safe practices to keep them healthy as they lose weight. Fasting wrong can be dangerous, but BodyFast ensures that all of their plans are catered towards the individual.

✔️How to cancel your BodyFast subscription?

You can either go into the website and cancel through your account, or you can access your subscriptions through the App/Play Store.

✔️Is BodyFast Worth It?

Yes, BodyFast is worth it if you’re looking for a highly customized intermittent fasting app. You can personalize it based on your lifestyle and goals, and with more than 50 options, it is one of the most individualized intermittent fasting app on the market. This helps you achieve results.

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