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HealthiApp knows that weight loss is personal. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so it helps work with you to develop a customized plan to help inspire, motivate, and support you to achieve your goals. There are different plants that you can select, so whether you’re looking to count your carbs or cut your sugar intake, there’s a plan for you. Research shows that people who track their calories are more likely to lose weight, and HealthiApp takes that to the next level. Everything you need is in the app to be successful in your weight loss journey. You just have to use it.

HealthiApp App Overview

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#8 out of 39 Weight Loss Apps



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£35.99 per year


97520+ positive reviews

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About the HealthiApp App Itself

HealthiApp was formerly known as iTrackBites, so if you’ve used it for a long time, all the same, great features are there. If you’re new to the app, you’re in for a treat. HealthiApp is a member-focused app that helps you pick what you want to focus on to lose weight. Whether you want something specific or to target your general well-being, there’s a weight-loss plan for you at HealthiApp. They help you track your food, providing suggested meal plans and recipe books to make meal time a breeze. They also have podcasts and member meetings to help you get full-service support.

HealthiApp Pricing BREAKDOWN

There’s a free plan where you’re able to do the basic food and activity tracking. If that’s all you want, you can stick with it, but you get so much more when you upgrade to pro. In addition to the food and activity tracking, you have access to balance and keto eating plans. There’s also a recipe database, restaurant guide, meal plans, snack and beer guides, recipe builders, vice tracking, macronutrient tracking, Fitbit tracking, online communities, personalized coaching support, and more. You can export your data to track patterns yourself or use the features in the app to view your progress.

It’s worth it to upgrade, so if you want to step up your HealthiApp game, you can subscribe through your preferred app store. The annual price is typically £59.99 plus taxes, but there’s a promotion going on where you can snag it at half price. A year’s subscription currently only costs £29.99 plus taxes. It will renew at your current rate until you cancel. If you cancel, you will have access to the premium features throughout the duration of your premium plan. You can cancel your plan through the app store at any time. You are not locked into HealthiApp if you want to cancel your subscription.

HealthiApp is an affordable calorie tracking app, and it’s worth exploring if you want to keep an eye on what you’re eating. The suggested meal plans and program tracks can help you to target specific areas, which is helpful if you’re looking to decrease your glucose levels or start keto. It offers many of the same features as more expensive apps, so it’s a great entry point into calorie tracking. While a more nuanced subscription program would be welcome, it’s still affordable enough that you get a great value for your money.

Our HealthiApp Review

HealthiApp Review

HealthiApp is a great calorie app for beginners just starting out with calorie tracking or experts who don’t want a lot of fuss with their app. The interface is easy to use. It shows you how many calories you have for the day, what you’ve eaten already, and provides recipe suggestions. You can track your food manually, search their robust database or use the barcode scanner. There’s also voice recognition, macronutrient tracking, water tracking, and more. All of these together combine into a robust calorie tracking that can hit all the big buckets you need to eat better.

If that’s not enough, there are meal plans, recipe boots, and even recipe creators so you can learn how to eat right directly in the app. Leverage the community support when you need additional support or connect with a coach to help you achieve your goals. Everything you need is easy to find, so you never have to hunt down the resources. Toggle between the features using the menu at the bottom. The HealthiApp is well designed and easy to use, and for the price point, it’s worth checking out. Millions of customers agree that this app helps you lose weight. 

What’s cool is on top of that, you can also leverage additional resources to help guide you on your weight loss journey. The Kaleidoscope blog is a great way to read up on curated recipe tips from coaches and more. Healthi Talks is a podcast series available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, so you can learn on the go. Lastly, there are member meetings available where you can get personalized support. Together with calorie tracking, it’s a comprehensive app that’s affordable and accessible, so if you’re looking for something new to help you lose your weight, HealthiApp is worth exploring.

Important Specs

  • Available in all app stores, allowing you to track your calories no matter your phone.

  • The barcode scanner and voice recognition tracking make it accessible to those with special needs.

  • Personalized meal plans and recipe books are available based on your diet plan.

HealthiApp Pros & Cons


  • Millions of meals have been tracked, so there’s a deep knowledge repository so you likely won’t have to manually track your meals.
  • You can log your meals in various ways, including accessible ones for those with special needs.
  • Additional resources like blogs, podcasts, and social communities provide comprehensive support.


  • Only one subscription plan is available, so you have to be all in from the start.
  • The free plan only allows food tracking, and there’s no trial period to explore the premium options.
  • Limited amount of pre-populated plans.

Final Say

You get a lot of powerful features in the HealthiApp for an affordable price point, so if you’re looking for a basic calorie tracker, it’s worth exploring. You can pick plans based on your needs, though there are a limited number of plans to choose from. Still, the range is enough that it can capture your special needs. It is easy to use, and there are no hidden features when you use the HealthiApp. Everything is visible from the main interface, and you can toggle between the features quickly. With millions of users, you’re not alone in your weight loss journey.

Many weight loss apps provide meal plans, fitness suggestions, and social communities. However, few offer additional features like a blog and podcast to help you access your information in different ways. They really want you to fully immerse yourself in your weight loss journey when you choose HealthiApp, and that’s what sets it apart from others. It’s affordable, so if you’re on a budget, check it out. You won’t regret experiencing what this small-but-mighty calorie tracking app can do for you - and if you can snag it on sale, you can get a year’s subscription for under £30, which is less than a monthly subscription of other similar apps.

How To Use HealthiApp?

Using HealthiApp is very easy and intuitive. Create your account for free, entering your personal information, including your name, weight, gender, and any health loss goals. Explore the plans that are available and choose one that works for you and your lifestyle. Weight loss is highly personal, so no two plans are going to work the same. HealthiApp strives to be your weight loss coach, teammate, and cheerleader at the same time, guiding you and motivating you to achieve your health goals. Many have seen great success in these programs, though how much weight you lose depends on several different factors.

Once you’ve got a plan in place, you can start tracking your calories. The HealthiApp generates your calorie allotment for the day, and you will work to fit all your meals and snacks in these areas. Some plans, like keto, focus on low-carb foods, while others are less restrictive in what you can eat. HealthiApp also suggests meal plans and recipes that fit into your plan, so you don’t have to guess what you can and cannot eat. In most cases, nothing is off the table if you eat responsibly and in moderation. Enter your meals manually by searching, scanning, or verbally. 

Use the green arrow at the bottom to enter new meals quickly or move between the different app features. The main event is the tracker, but there’s also meal plans, recipes, and communities available at the touch of a button. They want you to be able to easily take advantage of their features, which is why they’re streamlined to only be what you need and nothing more. You’ll appreciate the simplicity of this calorie tracking app when you use it consistently. It may not integrate fitness and other resources, but it’s fantastic at what it does.

Privacy Concerns

HealthiApp has a privacy policy; however, they cannot guarantee your data is secure when using the app. This can be disconcerting to those who are more safety conscious, so just keep it in mind as you use the app. They may sell your data to third-party companies to inform their advertising and other marketing efforts.

Ranks #8 out of 39 Weight Loss apps

It makes keeping track of your fasting and eating breaks simple and lets you know what progress you're making.


HealthiApp Alternatives

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You won’t regret experiencing what this small-but-mighty calorie tracking app can do for you - and if you can snag it on sale, you can get a year’s subscription for under £30, which is less than a monthly subscription of other similar apps.

Key  Features:

  • Millions of meals have been tracked, so there’s a deep knowledge repository so you likely won’t have to manually track your meals.
  • You can log your meals in various ways, including accessible ones for those with special needs.
  • Additional resources like blogs, podcasts, and social communities provide comprehensive support.




✔️What is HealthiApp?

HealthiApp is a powerful calorie tracker that allows you to track what you eat and drink in a day to help you lose weight. You can pick plans to help guide your efforts, follow meal plans and look up recipes in this app. There aren’t a lot of additional features.

✔️How does HealthiApp app work?

When you create your HealthiApp account, you pick your personalized plan and get started. Each day, you’re given a calorie allotment that you need to stick with to see results. Everything you eat and drink in a day should fit within this budget to lose weight. It’s simple and straightforward.

✔️How much does HealthiApp app cost?

HealthiApp has a free version where you can use the basic tracking features; however, the premium version is affordable. Currently, it is on sale for £29.99 plus taxes, though at full price (£59.99), it is still accessible to many different people. There is only an annual plan available.

✔️Is HealthiApp app safe?

Yes, HealthiApp is safe to use. It draws on leading research to generate weight loss plans that are sustainable, healthy and individualized to your needs. You choose your personalized plan and tailor your eating habits to meet your goals. It’s all done slowly and methodically to drive the best results.

✔️Is HealthiApp worth it?

Yes, HealthiApp is worth it. It’s an incredible value for what you get in this app. You can track at various levels, pick customized diet and meal plans, and so much more. At less than £30 for one year, the cost is minimal for maximum results. You won’t be disappointed.

✔️How to cancel HealthiApp subscription?

Canceling HealthiApp is easy. Navigate to your existing app store and find your subscriptions. Cancel the app there. You will still have access to the feature through your paid subscription period. You can renew your subscription at any time without any reactivation fees. Otherwise, your plan will renew annually.

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